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Out Now in Preorder: Contact 2. Blood & Steel, featuring my “Sacrificium”

Contact 2. Blood&Steel, featuring Daniele Bonfanti's story "Sacrificium"
Cool stuff inside

The new anthology Contact 2. Blood&Steel is now available for preorder on Amazon, launch date August 31.

The book follows 2021’s successful Contact! and offers more historical settings than the first book, with stories by Julian Michael Carver, David Rose, Alister Hodge, Chris McInally (who also edited the book) and more great authors.

My story is called “Sacrificium” and is set on Lake Como in the Roman era, when a troop of legionaries, led by Numidian centurion Aulus Domitius, is sent to investigate a remote fishing village. Disturbing rumors, people disappearing, an escapee with horrible scars and wounds ranting about eerie, unhealthy rituals…