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My story “Flatblack” out now for Thirteen Podcast

Thirteen Podcast has just released an audio version of “Flatblack.”

I’ve just finished listening to the story myself and I’m blown away by the fantastic job the team at Thirteen has done — narrator Mason Amadeus, sound designer Brooke Jennett (who also voiced the Wife), audio editor Haberlin Roberts, with assistance from Bridgett Howard and Ian Epperson. The story is beautifully narrated and the whole production is top-notch — eerie as hell.

And the bellow. Oh, the bellow will haunt me tonight.

Thirteen is a popular podcast which specializes in atmospheric, spooky stories, and features a free monthly story on their main website and a second, subscriber-only story on their Patreon — the mid-tier subscription level, which grants access to the second story and extra perks, only costs $5 a month.