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    Camino Real from Temisas to Agüimes, Gran Canaria, with detours to Cuevas de la Audiencia and Barranco de las Vacas; short hike (about 10 Km) - 05/aug/2018 Photos by Valentina Kay and me Embark with me on a journey along the Camino Real from Temisas to Agüimes, Gran Canaria, a path less traveled, yet filled with wonders. Walk through the charming alleys of the white hamlet. Detour to the Cuevas de la Audiencia and discover the aboriginal dwellings, and Barranco de las Vacas, where nature’s artistry is on grand display. This short hike, little more than 10 kilometers — walked on the 5th of August, 2018 — felt nontheless like…

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    Grignetta (2180 m), Canalone Porta, Cresta Sinigaglia, Canalone Caimi - 07/Apr/2014 photos by Donato Erba (D.E.) and me Photo Gallery Get swallowed by dark, toothy jaws. Tons upon tons of avalanche black snow, compacted by enormous pressures to form a disturbed tongue more than ten meters thick. Ascend towards the blue, out of the shadows. Emerge into absolute white, among ephemeral frames and sinuous curves of sparkling ice. Walk on ridge lines suspended between sky and sky, in the cold, bright, deep air. Breathe the summit for just a moment. And then descend, in great leaps, along with the soft snow. foto D.E. foto D.E. foto D.E. foto D.E. foto…

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    Four Pitons and a Wealth of Solitude

    Cima di Valbona (3033 m), Spigolo Gervasutti - 16 and 17/Aug/2012 photos by Donato Erba (D.E.) and me Photo Gallery Rhododendrons and colors, and the bulk of the north of Disgrazia observing us impassively. It slips into the night and then slowly reappears out of the darkness.Solitude.Walking all day in a surreal landscape, among suspended lakes on polished rocks overlooking large curved abysses. The sunrise sparkles and the melting water flows down to form rivers that do not exist, to write water phrases on granite.An overturned keel that sails on the border between Italy and Switzerland, silhouetted against the sky like a forgotten sculpture.A strange planet, abandoned by the ice…