Urlan, Cosmic Cat. An AI-Illustrated Experiment

Urlan, Cosmic Cat. An AI-Illustrated Experiment

Graphic Novella and Essay
(2024, Bee Lab; with Valentina Kay)

Urlan, Cosmic Cat, Amazon #1 Best Seller in Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels

About the Book:

An AI-Illustrated Experiment to showcase what can be done at the end of 2023 through human-AI collaboration. A short but complete — and ultra-cool — SF/horror comic book, ripe with action and also featuing a fun Making Of and an interview with the AI artist!

Urlan, Cosmic Cat is a ground-breaking exploration of AI-human collaboration in graphic storytelling. Written, edited, lettered by Daniele Bonfanti and Valentina Kay, the art has been fully realized with OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 through the ChatGPT Pro interface. A short but complete space adventure which weaves the emerging technology’s strengths and weaknesses into narrative solutions. Delve into the “making of” section for a step-by-step look at the creative process, including useful tips, funny behind-the-scenes and a carnival of unused panels. Also featuring an exclusive interview with the AI artist itself, none other than ChatGPT!

At the fringes of the dreaded Triangle, a sector notorious for vanishing spaceships, the legendary temple ship Magnificat reemerges after a century. Enter Urlan—a daredevil, gun-for-hire cat armed to the fangs with a reconfigurable assault rifle and donning a twitchy holo-adaptive suit stuck on leather jacket mode. He’s set to plunge headfirst into this cosmic enigma.

Story: 35 pages, black&white (plus yellow), SF/Horror
Making Of: 24 pages, with black&white and color illustrations

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