Unstoppable. A Greatswordpunk Graphic Novel

by Daniele Bonfanti, Stefano Cardoselli, Patrizia Comino
Graphic Novel; Kickstarter, 2019

UNSTOPPABLE is an original graphic novel introducing the shocking greatswordpunk subgenre — 100 full-color pages of heavy-armored, hard-hitting epic fantasy action, ripe with ridiculously large creatures and weapons that don’t fit in the panels; penned by Daniele Bonfanti and inked by Stefano Cardoselli, for Patrizia Comino’s explosive colors.


She was taken away by the men of his King, to be fed to the soul-fueled Machine which controls the immense Beast, onto whose very vertebrae the King’s Castle is grafted.
Nublo couldn’t stop them—was forced to escape. Now, nobody will stop him until she is revenged.
The Machine, which is the source of the King’s power.
The Beast, which walks a reign encompassing the whole known world, in the never-ending trip of the Orbit, visiting fief after fief to collect human tributes and keep the Machine going—or to display its power over whole, doomed cities.
But something unthinkable is happening: A Marquis—a decadent, corrupt high priest—and a Baroness—a savage and brutal raider—have stolen the secrets of Soultek, conceived terrible ways to harvest the necessary souls, and developed their own weapons and engines of war.
They have trained and conditioned armored warriors to resist the soul-stealing device of the King.
They have tamed gigantic creatures to build an army of monsters.
And now they are mounting a rebellion.
Will Lord Nublo join forces with the maniacal couple, in his UNSTOPPABLE path to vengeance?

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Unstoppable, by Daniele Bonfanti, Stefano Cardoselli and Patrizia Comino