The Mysterious Space Adventures of the Daring Darling: Private Dick

The Mysterious Space Adventures of the Daring Darling: Private Dick
by Amenta/Darling/Cardoselli/Devito (ArmageDoom Factory studio)
Comic series, 2018, KS Special Edition only;
translation into English by Daniele Bonfanti


Issue #1 (dec 2018):

Years. Centuries. Millennia…have passed since the end of the Earth.
The human race has not died out. On the contrary, demographic growth and new technologies have led man to explore and colonize. Millions of years, millions of discoveries, man has taken control of all known galaxies, creating and occupying even the least colonial planets.

Mother Earth, the cradle of our civilization, is a distant memory; fragments of an ancestral past…recovered and reunited and preserved in an artificial planet used as a museum, erected in memory of what we used to be; so as to remember what we were and to celebrate what we have become.

Constantly broke, Daring Darling Private Agency is always on the lookout for new gigs.
Coordinated by an efficient robosecretary named Charlie, Captain Darling and her assistant Houdini race across galaxies at the helm of the conspicuous spaceship Sinatra.

For troubles big and small…
Who you gonna call?
Daring Darling Private Agency

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