Live, Die, Reload

Live, Die, Reload
Graphic novel by Stefano Cardoselli and Andrea Amenta (ArmageDoom Factory studio)
lettering by Bram Meehan; translation into English and editing by Daniele Bonfanti; edited by Andrea L. Molinari
Caliber Comics, [Q2 2019]

Dirty Harry meets Italian Giallo Films.
A hard-nose cop in a violent, corrupt metropolis. A stolen samurai sword. A strange green fog…
The Mayor is ready to anything to stop the surging criminality and purge the city. But is Detective Cronenberg – disenchanted veteran turned executioner – willing to let him act?

About the authors

Stefano Cardoselli (story, art) is a Tuscan-born artist, creating comics since 1999; a frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine, he has also worked with 2000AD, Simon & Schuster, Antarctic Press, Blue Water Comics, Dark Slinger Comics, Scout Comics, TROMA entertainment and many others. His work was mentioned on Time and Rolling Stone. He also drew a story for Stuart Moore, included in a 2000AD tribute anthology with intro by Alan Moore.

“I hate this guy! I’ve only published everything he’s sent me! I think he can draw his ass off.” — Kevin Eastman
“I kid you not. Cardoselli should be drawing all the comics.” — Comics Bulletin

Andrea Amenta (story, writing) is an Italian writer. Among his works: the series Hell CrossThe Mysterious Adventures of the Daring Darling, and Planet Caravan; and the graphic novels Sunshine Doom 1971 and Ballad of the Broken Heart.

coming, summer 2019…

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