Ballad of the Broken Heart

Ballad of the Broken Heart

Ballad of the Broken Heart
by Amenta/Cardoselli/Devito (ArmageDoom Factory studio)
Graphic novel; [KS Special Edition Feb, 2019; commercial editions coming soon]
translation into English and editing by Daniele Bonfanti


We are just numbers among other numbers.
Numbers, only numbers, but some of them count so much more.
The age – the where and when – does not matter. In a near future, the toughest challenge to face will be overpopulation. Birth control will be a civic duty, but individual will alone won’t be enough…

Aimless wars will become serial entertainment; controlled deaths, a millionaire lottery.  Branded like beasts, drawn like bingo balls for death – a win for your family. All the rotten, the evil, the worst, will be marketed and sponsored as fair, decent and good.

In a near future, society will have different ethics, a different perception of good and evil – of love and hatred. Only few men will be born with unalterable, natural morals; because nobody will ever change the value of love for somebody who’s truly in love.

In a scenario of absurd tomorrow, a brave soldier, finally back home, will discover the truth about his gone love.
A mute warrior, a vow of silence, a merciless revenge put in meaningless prose.

… Screams of silence
cries of tears
my heart is there
dancing split.

Screams of silence
the voice of torn love
a black heart remains
in the rumble of pain…


coming 2019…