Raya aguila, Eagle Ray in Gran Canaria

One Year in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria - Summer 2018 - Summer 2019
photos by Valentina Kay (VK) and me 

A journey through twelve transformative months on this sun-kissed, weather-blessed island.

From scaling its majestic mountains and navigating raw canyons with hidden streams to diving beneath the waves to swim alongside graceful rays and sleeping under the stars in a high pine forest, our adventures were as varied as the island’s many landscapes — which are well worth the island’s fame as “Miniature Continent”.

But Gran Canaria is more than just its natural wonders. I will tell about its rich culture as we recount vibrant fiestas, bustling farmer’s markets, and the rhythmic dance of the ‘no pasa nada’ lifestyle. We will discover the charm of casa cuevas and the spiritual pull of romerias.

This is the tale of an island that was our home for a year — and we came back changed.

Stay tuned, and sooner or later this preview will turn into a story…