Travesìa a nado nocturna de playa de arinaga 2018


Travesìa a nado nocturna Playa de Arinaga, 600m, night open water; June 24, 2018

San Juan, in the Canaries, means crazy things.

Celebrating the beginning of summer among fireworks and Batucada drums, and a host of madmen dancing and diving into the black, black water of the Atlantic — I, one the madmen, have swum the Travesìa a Nado Nocturna de Playa de Arinaga (night open-water crossing), in Gran Canaria.

Short (only 600 m), but night, well, changes things a lot. And a lot of fun. This is fiesta.

Stay tuned, and sooner or later this preview will turn into a story…