Symbiosis Galaxy

Modifying bees, genetically and cybernetically, did not save Earth from Eco-Singularity. But when the surviving few who made it to Ganymede restarted there, humanity passed the baton of civilization to something new: the Symbiosis. A covenant of humans and bee-colony superorganisms—hive-minded individuals—living and working together to build a sustainable society.

This is the background of the wild and darkly comedic, action-packed adventures starring Captain Petra, a bee colony, and her daredevil crew—including her lover, the alien flowering plant-like Wyk—aboard the icebreaker starship Endurance—a self-sustaining traveling ecosystem which doesn’t look like your typical spaceship, but closer to an agricultural north-Mediterranean village (plus photosynthetic hull, greenhouse main deck, and dark energy wind sails).

Have you met Fractal Harmonics, by the way? It’s the ultimate, though inherently incomprehensible, theory of everything. Centuries old by now, it brought all the answers we were looking for, with the lunatic meta-musicians who replaced mathematicians giving us incredibly cool technologies and faster-than-light travel—via the ridiculously dangerous icebreaking process, which implies moving as thought through Psi, the mind of the Sentient Universe.

The fundamental principle that our minds collapse Psi cognitions into perceptions, creating the body of the Universe (reality, if you prefer), is by now common sense. But FH brought forth a mighty bitter pill as well: the Epistemic Walls. The “end-of-the-line” sign of any further development of science and technology. And so, the only means to expand the borders of knowledge went back to being great journeys of exploration.

Ready to follow the epic voyage of the Endurance on route to the Galaxy Pole?

And what the hell has all this to do with the horrific events taking place on three different alien planets 10,000 years later, linked to the reactivation of an ageless, Escherian palace—a prison, a lost temple, a place of worship, but apparently the same building for all three?

Are the deeds of the Endurance sailors causing or preventing a multi-world apocalypse? (or both?)

* * *

My most ambitious project yet, Symbiosis Galaxy is an umbrella setting, hosting a comic book series with art by Stefano Cardoselli, long and short fiction, and board games.
Coming soon… On this page, you will find teasers, previews and updates.

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